Link parameters

Giving you some more control over the Link

When redirecting the user to our Link solution, there are some parameters that can be included in the URI to perform certain actions. These are the allowed parameters:

  • id*: this should be the redirect token that you can find in the Link redirects table. It helps us identify your app and associate the connection being made to it. It should always be included, even when performing an update to a connection.

  • update_token: this is a token that you will receive inside the connection status response. It is a token you can use to manually update a connection. This is most important for connections with MFA, that can't be updated automatically. When you want to start an update flow, just include the update_token you have received in the credentials status and we'll take care of everything else.

  • restore_token: similar to the update_token, but in this case the token will appear if a connection is either blocked (needs to be unblocked outside of our systems), needs a user action (like confirming some data) or the credentials of the account have changed. By including a valid restore_token, a flow to unblock or update credentials in our system will be launched.

  • entity: by including this parameter, you can make the flow skip the financial entity selection list in a new connection. This means that the flow will jump directly to the login of the entity you have passed down. It should be a valid entity returned from the GET entities endpoint.

  • theme: this option allows you to select between LIGHT and DARK themes. You can configure both themes to match your brand. Learn more about it here.

  • external_id: you can include this parameter in order to assign an external_id to a connection. This is useful to relate different connections together. When querying connections, you can include this parameter to get all connections related to an external_id.

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