App Overview

A deep-dive into one of core features. Connections in Finlink are organized around apps, and in this page we'll help you understand how they work in detail 🔍

Apps were created to help you better organize your client connections. Their aim is to separate client connections into different environments or applications that your organization might have.


As mentioned before, structuring your Finlink Organization around apps is a design solution to make your life easier and provide an extra layer of security. Apps are a logical separation inside your organization. This means that connections are linked to a specific app, and the data of that connection is only accessible from an API session related to that app. This helps in protecting your data so that, even if one of the session tokens for your app gets compromised, they will only be able to access data related to that app and not other apps in your organization.

You can follow our Quick Start guide to see how to easily create an app and integrate it with your application.

Creating an app

When first logging into your Vumi Finlink account, you will be prompted with your first app creation.

Apps have two properties that are needed to create them:

  • App name: This is an internal name used for your organization to easily identify your different apps. It will not be visible outside of your organization. You can update it whenever you want, just by going to App Settings -> App Details.

  • Public name: This is the public name that will be visible in the Link flow as your company name. This should be the real company name for which you are using your app, and it can't be updated because it is linked to the permissions granted by the user when they shared their data through the app.

If you already have created your first app, other apps can be created in the app selector menu at the top left part of the sidebar. By default, there is a maximum of 5 apps per organization. If you need more, contact our team.

App configuration

In the Vumi Finlink Platform, you can select the active app in the top left corner of your menu. When changing apps, they become the active app in your platform and you will be able to edit different aspects of it.

App customization includes the following:

  • Modifying the app name

  • Configuring the API usage for this specific app. You can add or remove credentials, configure webhooks, etc. We give you many options to secure and configure your app according to your needs.

  • Customizing the app Link, from visual aspects to its redirects.

Deleting an app

To delete an app go to App Settings -> App Details. You can find the Delete App button on the bottom right of that page. Deleting an app will delete all connections associated to it. It is a permanent operation, so make sure you are not deleting it by mistake. Since it is a protected operation, it will ask for your account password to confirm it.

App Limitations

  • There is a maximum of 5 apps you can create in your organization

  • Clients can only connect their account to a specific bank once per app

  • When using a session for an app, you can only access data related to connections linked to that app

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