Because your brand is important to us 🙌

We know that keeping the look and feel of your application or web is a key aspect for seamlessly including our Link in your application flow. For that reason, we provide you with an easy way to fully customize our Link solution and make it feel like it's part of your own app.

To access our Link customization go to App Settings -> Customization. In that page you have the option to configure two themes: LIGHT and DARK. You can control the theme you want to show in a specific Link by passing down the parameter theme to it. You can learn more about Link parameters here.

Once you have selected either the LIGHT or DARK theme, you will face our customization modal. This modal makes it easy for you to customize the Link, while also showing you every step of the Link flow to the side so that you get a glanse of how it is being altered! This makes it easy for you to adapt it to your company needs.

From altering every color to adding your company logo, our customization solution will give you full control of what your clients will see!

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