API Configuration

Configure every aspect of using your Finlink app through our API; from login credentials to the use of webhooks ⚙️


Here you'll find a guide on to configure everything you need to manage your interaction with our API.


Our webhooks allow you to create completely asynchronous workflows when working with us. We highly recommend you to look into implementing webhooks in your flow. Webhooks allow you to receive updates faster than polling, making the integration work better. You can follow our guide and best practices on webhooks.

Client Secrets

Client secrets are used for programatically starting an API session related to a specific app. They are extremely sensitive and should not be shared with anyone.

Creating a secret

Go into App Settings -> API Secrets. At that page you can find the table "Credentials".

Revoking a secret

In case a secret gets compromised, or you just want to delete an unused one, we offer you an option to revoke a secret. Revoking a secret will terminate the active session associated to it if there's any. Revoking a secret is permanent, so be certain you are removing the correct secret.

To revoke a secret, go to App Settings -> API Client. In the "Credentials" table, you'll find a button to revoke secrets in each secret's row.

When revoking a secret, you will be prompted with your account password to confirm the operation.


  • You can only create up to 5 secrets per app

  • Every secret can only have 1 active session at a time. If a new session is started with a secret being in use, the previous session will be revoked

Since our Link is such an important part of the flow, we have reserved a full section in these docs to configure them.

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