Link Overview

Created to ease and speed up the integration of your application with the Vumi Finlink API

Our Link solution provides a secure and simple way for your clients to connect their financial entities into your application. Adapted to work in either web or mobile applications, by incorporating our solution into your application flow you will be able to have it completely functional in record time!


The complete flow will need some front-end and back-end integrations on your side. This is a step-by-step guide to integrate the Link flow into your application:

  1. User starts the Add Financial Entity flow in your application

  2. Your frontend redirects the user to our Link widget (using an iframe is also an option). You should include the id of the redirect at which you want the flow to end. You can also include other parameters if you need to.

  3. The User will start the connection flow through our Link. We take care of everything related to connecting them to the desired entity, including MFA and other validations. Check the previous video for context on how the flow works.

  4. Once the connection flow is completed, Vumi Finlink will start extracting the account financial data asynchronously. The redirect URI in which the flow continues, will include a publicToken parameter that you should send to your backend.

  5. The backend exchanges the publicToken, which is a temporary one-time token, for a connectionToken, which is permanent and will serve you to query the information extracted from the connection or to perform operations over that connection.

  6. You can configure a webhook in your Finlink app (recommended). This webhook will be used to send you any updates that happen to connections in your app, like when the first extraction finishes. If you prefer not to configure a webhook, you can continuously poll the status endpoint of our API until the connection changes its PENDING state. Depending on the financial entity, this state might take from some seconds to a couple of minutes. Except from some very big accounts in specific financial entities, they will typically not take more than 5 minutes.

  7. Once the connection is READY, you can extract the information from it by calling the adequate endpoints with the connectionToken you obtained in step 5.

  8. Congratulations! After you have processed the new data, your User will be able to see it in your application.

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