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So you are ready to start using Vumi Finlink API! We are happy to have you here 👏 This page we'll guide you through the necessary steps to start using the Vumi Finlink API. Let's get started!

If you don't have a Vumi Finlink account yet, speak directly to our business team by booking a call here. They will help you understand if Vumi can meet your needs and how it would do it.

Log into the console

Once you have an account up and ready, you can log into the platform with the credentials that were provided by email. From this platform you will be able to control everything related to the usage of the Vumi Finlink API.

Setting up your first app

Apps are a central concept in Vumi Finlink. Every account a user connects through your Link, will be associated to an individual app. Apps are logical separations of your data. Whenever you start a session in the API, you can only access data associated to its app.

Creating your first app

Once you have access to the platform, the first step to start using our API is creating an app. When creating your first app you will find a modal like the following:

The app name is just an internal name for your team to identify the app. On the other hand, public name is the public name that will be visible as the name of your organization when your users connect their accounts using our Link.

Configure app auth

In order to start using our API, you will first need to configure the login credentials to the app you just created. Go to App settings -> API client. In that page you can find the "Credentials" table, where you can see your client ID already displayed. To authenticate in our API, you need to create a new client secret (you can have up to 5) by clicking "Create new secret" in the table. You will face a modal like the following:

Where the name is something that should help you identify the secret intended use (e.g. My local machine). You need to also confirm your account password in order to create the secret. Once the secret is created, copy it and store it somewhere safe. You are not able to retrieve the same secret again in the future.

In order to use Vumi Finlink API, you'll have to incorporate our Vumi Finlink Link to your app. Leaving aside visual configurations, which can also be altered, the most important part is to configure one redirect for your app. Redirects should be a valid URI to which our Link will continue the flow after a user finishes connecting an account to our systems via your app. Creating a redirect is very simple. Just go to App settings -> API Client and look for the "Redirects URI" table. There you can configure up to 5 redirects.

Once you have configured your first app redirect, follow this simple Link integration guide to start connecting your first accounts.

API Login

Once you have created one client secret for your app and incorporated our Link solution into your flow, the next step will be to start a session in our API. To start a session, just call the API Login endpoint with the clientSecret you have just created, and the clientId that you can find in that same table.

It is important to mention that you can only have one active session per client secret. Sessions last one hour and can't be refreshed, a new login is required when they expire.

You can also limit the scope of sessions. Learn more about our API Authentication.

Once you have correctly logged in, you will receive a JWT token that should be included in further requests to the API in the authentication header as a Bearer token.

Next steps

Congratulations! You are now fully integrated with the Vumi Finlink API 🥳 The next step is to integrate our Link solution into your app so that your users can start connecting their accounts.

After you have fully integrated our Link solution, we recommend you to take a look at our multiple API endpoints like the ones in Investments, Portfolios or Accounts to understand better our data model and the possibilities it can offer to you.

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