We are excited that you have decided on using Vumi Finlink API! 🤘

Welcome to Vumi Finlink API Reference documentation! This documentation aims to guide developers through a fast and easy integration experience with the Vumi Finlink API - we know your time is valuable.


This API reference will include a step-by-step integration guide using our Finlink Platform, while also doing a deep-dive into the different endpoints and resources of our API. Our API is a RESTful API, we follow standards in the usage of HTTP verbs and status codes. We have resource-oriented URLs to make endpoints more predictable.

➡️Quick Start

Postman collection

We have also created a postman collection for you to make integration and following the documentation easier.

Using this collection is simple. You should adapt the login endpoint with your credentials and perform the request. This request has a test associated to it that will automatically set the received token in a variable named auth_token. We've configured the collection to use this Bearer by default, so you should be directly authenticated to use other endpoints.

If you want to check data for a specific connection, we have created an environment variable in the collection named finlinkToken that you can change and directly use in every endpoint that retrieves connection data.

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