The most important concept in Vumi Finlink API: connections 🔗

Whenever a user connects an entity to your app through the Link, a new connection is created. Connections are identified through a unique identifier called connectionToken.

Connections in Vumi Finlink are always recurrent. This means that if the data can be updated daily (because the user does not have MFA, the credentials are being stored and the account is not temporarily unaccessible), it will be updated.

In Vumi Finlink, users can decide if they want us to store credentials for long-term access or if they want to perform updates manually whenever it's convenient for them.

We recommend configuring webhooks to update connection data whenever new data is available, instead of using less efficient approaches like polling.

These are the endpoints available for the connections resource:



Exchanges a publicToken for its connectionToken


Retrieves the status for the given connection


Lists all connections for the current app


Lists all publicTokens that have not been exchanged


Deletes the given connection

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